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CV Apollo UK Edward close, Kettering Kettering EN
Belvoir Lettings Agency Desborough 29 Station Road, Desborough, Northamptonshire NN14 2RL, United Kingdom
+44 1536 763344
happy feet childcare 72 Charles St, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 9RL, United Kingdom
+44 1536 411566
Kettering Motorist Centre Trafalgar Rd, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 8DB, United Kingdom
+44 1536 410142
North Northants Development Co Drobus Hall, 40 London Road, Kettering NN15 417, United Kingdom
The Queen Of Hearts Nursery School Ltd 122 Rockingham Rd, Kettering NN16 9AG, United Kingdom
+44 1536 482809
Beddows Motor Company Horse Market, Green Lane, London Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 0DA, United Kingdom
+44 1536 481693
Park Avenue Nursery 18-20 Park Ave, Kettering NN16 9RU, United Kingdom
+44 1536 521674
Farmfoods Ltd 51 Northall St, Tanner's Ln, Town Centre, Kettering NN16 8AQ, United Kingdom
+44 1536 524848
The Old School House Orthodontic Centre 9 Dryden St, Kettering NN16 8EU, United Kingdom
+44 1536 521118
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About Kettering



Kettering is a town in Northamptonshire, England. It is situated about 81 miles (130 km) from London. Kettering is mainly situated on the west side of the River Ise, a tributary of the River Nene which meets atWellingborough. Originally named Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan in the 10th century, the name Kettering is now taken to mean 'the place (or territory) of Ketter's people (or kinsfolk)'.

At the 2001 census the borough had a population of 81,844 whilst the town proper had a population of 51,063. The town is twinned withLahnstein, in Germany, and Kettering, Ohio, in the United States. Being part of the Milton Keynes South Midlands (MKSM) study area along with other towns in Northamptonshire, the town is due to get around 6,000 additional homes mainly to the east of the town. The town, like other towns in the area, has a growing commuter population as it is located on the Midland Main Line railway, which has fast InterCity trains directly into London St Pancras International taking around 1 hour. This gives an interchange with Eurostar services to Continental Europe.



Kettering Market Place.JPG
Kettering Market Place and restaurant buildings




Early history

Once believed obscure, the placename Kettering is now taken to mean 'the place (or territory) of Ketter's people (or kinsfolk)'. Spelt variously Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan in the 10th century, although the origin of the name appears to have baffled place-name scholars in the 1930s, words and place-names ending with 'ing' usually derive from theAnglo-Saxon or Old English word inga or ingas meaning 'the people of the' or 'tribe'.

Before the Romans the Kettering area, like much of Northamptonshire's prehistoric countryside, appears to have remained somewhat intractable with regards to early human occupation, resulting in an apparently sparse population and relatively few finds from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.[6] About 500 BC the Iron Age was introduced into the area by a continental people in the form of the Hallstatt culture,[7] and over the next century a series of hillforts was constructed, the closest to Kettering being at nearby Irthlingborough.



Like most of what later became Northamptonshire, from early in the 1st century BC the Kettering area became part of the territory of the Catuvellauni, a Belgic tribe, the Northamptonshire area forming their most northerly possession.The Catuvellauni were in turn conquered by the Romans in 43 AD.

The town traces its origins to an early, unwalled Romano British settlement, the remnants of which lie under the northern part of the modern town. Occupied until the 4th century AD, there is evidence that a substantial amount of iron-smelting took place on the site. Along with the Forest of Dean and the Weald of Kent and Sussex, this area of Northamptonshire "was one of the three great centres of iron-working in Roman Britain". The settlement reached as far as the Weekley andGeddington parishes. However it is felt unlikely that the site was continuously occupied from the Romano British into theAnglo-Saxon era. Pottery kilns have also been unearthed at nearby Barton Seagrave and Boughton.




Excavations in the early 20th century either side of Stamford road (A43), near the site of the former Prime Cut factory (now The Warren public house), revealed an extensive early Saxon burial site, consisting of at least a hundred cremation urns dating to the 5th century AD. This suggests that it may have been among the earliest Anglo-Saxon penetrations into the interior of what later became England. The prefix 'Wic-' of the nearby village of Weekley may also signify Anglo-Saxon activities in the area; Greenall reports that it could be "an indication of foederati, Anglo-Saxon mercenaries brought in to boost the defences of the Empire."[8] This was established imperial policy, which the Romano British continued after Rome withdrew from Britain around 410 AD, with disastrous consequences for the Romano-Britons.

By the 7th century the lands that would eventually become Northamptonshire formed part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom ofMercia.[10] The Mercians converted to Christianity in 654 AD with the death of the pagan king Penda. From about 889 the Kettering area, along with much of Northamptonshire (and at one point almost all of England except for Athelney marsh inSomerset), was conquered by the Danes and became part of the Danelaw, with the ancient trackway of Watling Streetserving as the border, until being recaptured by the English under the Wessex king Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great, in 917. Northamptonshire was conquered again in 940, this time by the Vikings of York, who devastated the area, only for the county to be retaken by the English in 942.[12]

It is unlikely however that Kettering itself existed as a village earlier than the 10th century (the county of Northampton itself is not referenced in documents before 1011).[13] Before this time the Kettering area was most likely populated by a thin scattering of family farmsteads.[8] The first historical reference of Kettering is in a charter of 956 AD in which King Edwygranted ten "cassati" of land to Aelfsige the Goldsmith. The boundaries delineated in this charter would have been recognisable to most inhabitants for the last thousand years and can still be walked today. It is possible that Aelfsige the Goldsmith gave Kettering to the monastery of Peterborough, as King Edgar in a charter dated 972 confirmed it to that monastery.


At the Domesday survey in 1086, Kettering manor is listed as held by the Abbey of Peterborough, the church owning 10hides of land. Kettering was valued at £11, with land for 16 ploughs. There were 107 acres of meadow, 3 of woodland, 2 mills, 31 villans with 10 ploughs, and 1 female slave.

The nearby stately home of Boughton House, sometimes described as the 'English Versailles' has for centuries been the seat of the Dukes of Buccleuch, major landowners in Kettering and most of the surrounding villages; along with the Watsons of Rockingham Castle, the two families were joint lords of the manor of Kettering.

Kettering is dominated by the crocketed spire of about 55 metres (180 ft) of the Parish church of SS Peter and Paul. Little is known of the origins of the church, its first known priest becoming rector in 1219-20. The chancel is in the Early Decoratedstyle of about 1300, the main fabric of the building being mostly Perpendicular, having been rebuilt in the mid 15th century (its tower and spire being remarkably similar to the tower and spire of St Peter's Oundle). Whether the current building replaced an earlier church on the site is unknown Two medieval wall paintings, one of two angels with feathered wings, and one of a now faded saint, can still be seen inside the church.

The charter for Kettering's market was granted to the Bishop of Peterborough by Henry III in 1227.[citation needed]

17th century

In June 1607 at the nearby village of Newton, the Newton Rebellion broke out, causing a brief uprising known as theMidland Revolt, which involved several nearby villages. Protesting at land enclosures at Newton and Pytchley by local landlords the Treshams, on 8 June a pitched battle took place between Levellers - many from Kettering, Corby and particularly Weldon,- and local gentry and their servants (local militias having refused the call to arms). Approximately 40-50 local men are said to have been killed and the ringleaders hanged, drawn and quartered. The Newton rebellion represents one of the last times that the English peasantry and the gentry were in open conflict By the 17th century the town was a centre for woollen cloth.



Local economy and amenities


Wicksteed Park

Kettering's economy was built on the boot and shoe industry. With the arrival of railways in the 19th century, industries such as engineering and clothing grew up. The clothing manufacturer Aquascutum built its first factory here in 1909. Now Kettering's economy is based on service and distribution industries due to its central location and transport links.

Kettering's unemployment rate is amongst the lowest in the UK and has over 80% of its adults in full-time employment. It is home to a wide range of companies including WeetabixPegasus SoftwareRCI Europe, Timsons Ltd and Morrisons Distribution as well as Wicksteed Park, the United Kingdom's oldest theme park, which now plays host to one and a quarter million visitors every season. It has a very large free playground area, which was built by Wicksteed Playscapes, who are based in Kettering; the company is the world's oldest-known playground producer.

Kettering is the home of Kettering General Hospital, which provides Acute and Accident & Emergency department services for north Northamptonshire including Corby and Wellingborough. With its new £20 million campus, 16,000 students and 800 staff, Tresham College of Further and Higher Education is a significant employer in the region.

Kettering Business Park, a recent and current commercial property development undertaken by Buccleuch Property is situated on the A43/A6003, on the north side of Kettering.Many office buildings are being built as part of the project as well as a leisure sector with a new hotel. Many large distribution warehouses have been constructed in the area, creating thousands of jobs for the local economy. Kettering's Heritage Quarter houses the Manor House Museum and the Alfred East Gallery. The magnificent Boughton House, Queen Eleanor cross and the 1597 Triangular Lodge are local landmarks within the borough. Sir Thomas Tresham was a devout Catholic who was imprisoned for his beliefs. When he was released he built Triangular Lodge to defy his prosecutors and secretly declare his faith. The construction's 'three of everything' - sides, floors, windows and gables - represent the Holy Trinity.

The British sitcom "Peep Show" has various scenes located in Kettering owing to the head office of JLB, the company which employs lead character Mark Corrigan, being located there. However, the scenes are not filmed in Kettering, and places named in the show such as the nightclub Lap Land Kettering, and the hotel Park Kettering are fictitious.




Primary Schools in Kettering include St Peter's School, an independent school, Park Road School, St Thomas Moore Catholic School, St Andrews Church of England School, Hawthorn School, St Marys and a number of others associated with Secondary Academies.

Kettering has four secondary schools, each with the ability to take on students after the age of 16 to allow students to complete their A-Levels and BTEC Diplomas. The four secondary schools located in the town are Bishop Stopford School,Kettering Science AcademyKettering Buccleuch Academyand Southfield School for Girls. Both the Kettering Science Academy and Kettering Buccleuch Academy have become academies in recent years and both academies are joined to separate primary schools to allow for an easier transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

The Latimer Arts College is also in the area and is located in the nearby village of Barton Seagrave. The school also has a sixth form facility, but no primary schools are specifically linked to them.

Kettering is also home to one of Tresham College of Further and Higher Education's three campuses. Tresham allows part and full-time students over the age of 16 to study A-Levels and degree level courses as well as offering vocational courses such as Beauty Therapy and Child Care.




The A14 skirts the west and south of the town, links the town with the A45 dual carriagewayM1 and M6 motorways. The A43 links Kettering with the county town of Northampton and the A509 (Kettering/Wellingborough Road) links Kettering withWellingborough.




In April 1986 the bus station was relocated away from the market area to the Newland Street entrance of the modern Newlands shopping centre, causing a fatal decline in market trade. Although buses were re-allocated there in April 1987 before closing again in September 1989 and building a smaller version of a Bus Station on which it closed also in May 1999, buses since then have just served The Library and Newlands Shopping Centre. From May 2010 all buses now serve the new horsemarket bus interchange as they don't serve the library any more this is due to public realem improvements. New bus stops have been installed around rail station and headlands.

The Town is also served by a local bus service under the name stagecoach kettering (united counites) with the following routes:

Kettering station platform


Rail services operated by East Midlands Trains depart every 30 minutes fromKettering to St Pancras International railway station, with an average journey time of 59 minutes.[37] St Pancras also provides an interchange with the Eurostar service to France and Belgium. Kettering is linked to CorbyLeicesterNottinghamDerby andSheffield to the north and WellingboroughBedfordLuton to the south.[38] Because of good rail links, a large and growing commuter population takes advantage of Kettering's position on the Midland Main Line railway.


Five large UK airports are within 2 hours' drive of the town, these being London HeathrowLondon LutonEast Midlands,Birmingham International and London Stansted. London Luton can be reached directly by train while East Midlands and London Stansted can be reached by one change at Leicester. Sywell Aerodrome, located 6 miles (9.7 km) south-west of Kettering, caters for private flyingflight training and corporate flights.





 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kettering


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