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Silent Disco Sweeping the Party and Weddings in the UK

Posted last August 8, 2018, 8:08 am in Entertainment report article

 The fun quotient of people’s lives depends on their nature of enjoying moments. Some people may find fun in places which shells out a quiet and serene vibe which helps them enjoy their solitude whereas some people are just the opposites- they like partying till their last breath and enjoy a rocking life amongst friends and family.


They both enjoy life on their own terms and so, we can’t judge the modes of enjoyment according to the choices of other people. But in case of events of weddings, one certainly doesn’t go for a monotonous and dull surrounding or would not prefer people possess a boring vibe when all these functions are meant to create sparkles in everyone’s lives.


Hence, people remain indulged in foods, drinks, music and obviously dancing at parties and weddings and so the form of silent disco has taken over the place of traditional disco nights in recent time. The words silent and disco doesn’t go well with each other; isn’t it? No! It is not a form of disco where people dance without playing a song but they dance to their individual dance tracks in the silent disco wedding and parties.


How does silent disco function in events?


Well, in weddings or events where the mentalities of people are way too modernized, they prefer going with the trends in almost everything that they do, let alone discos! So, they opt for a silent disco party rather than involving the age-old partying methods. And to be precise about the functioning of the silent disco, it is a form of disco where individuals dance to their own choice of music without anyone else’s hindrance.


They are actually provided with high bass headphones that they wear during the silent disco partying mode. And then the DJ on charge pays songs in channels keeping in minds the moods and theme of the party. There are a number of channels which the DJs are in charge with and all these keys are inserted in the headphones so that the people who wear them can switch to their favourite channels and listen their choice of music.


As everyone on the floors has their individual headphones, obviously they don’t interact with sounds from outside. And then the fun begins as everyone dance to their own tunes and enjoys themselves in the crowd but individually. They can also request the DJs to play the music of their choices and ask others to connect to the same frequency so that they can match their steps in the same tunes.


Headphones possess the actual power in bringing the silent disco alive


It is evident that in every event, whether a party or wedding, the chief role is played by the headphones only. When you don’t have the correct form of silent disco headphones, all the enthusiasm that you have for the event may be ruined.


That is why when you make up your mind for silent disco hire, make sure they provide you with the best kind of headphones along with other necessary stuff. The headphones must contain the given qualities to boast as the best headphone for the function:


     Must be LED and wireless

     Must contain a number of channel systems

     The bass must be ear warming and also the sound quality must be very high

     Should be fully rechargeable and of course no batteries

     The signal strength should be higher; almost about 500M


The organizations that you book for creating the best silent disco platform for your party or wedding function must keep in stock more number of headphones than what you ordered for. As because most of the times the head counts increase and also people face issues with the headphones and asks for changing them. So the extra headphones may be required in dealing with such cases.


The closure


The main reason why the silent disco is loved by all is that it is hassle-free and entertaining. Moreover, you don’t have to agree to the crowd or the DJ about your song preferences all the time; you can choose your choice of song if and when you want to dance to its tunes. That’s why many people these days prefer this form of disco for adding charm to their parties.


Also, the modes of enjoyment these days have limited to gadgets and technology so why not make good use of it and make sure every guest is entertained well in your parties? The silent disco feature has proven is worth in the UK to greater extents. There is hardly any party or wedding that is seen playing music loudly these days; individual enjoyment techniques have risen all over the UK and so you should also adapt to it the next time you think of partying hard.