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How to treat Eczema naturally using a functional bio-chemistry approach

Posted last October 13, 2011, 6:16 pm in Health report article

Eczema; Complementary Medicine treatment approaches

NB The following advice assumes the condition has been diagnosed by a doctor or indeed Dermatologist.


A non-contagious skin condition manifesting with dry, red, itching and sometimes weeping skin, which are all manifestations of skin inflammation.   As with all inflammatory conditions, it is caused by some form of irritation, which then produces an immune response by the body, which includes release of inflammatory chemicals.

Nowadays there are many triggers which cause irritation and the associated inflammatory response, but according to functional bio-chemistry natural medicine experts, the major contributors are toxins either :

(1)  External (in which it is a form of eczema known as ‘contact dermatitis’), usually involving harsh kitchen or bathroom cleansing products, often including Lanolin, or SLS  (forming agents)   or


(2)   internal;  these include accumulated food additives (preservatives, colourings, flavourings, etc) or metabolic internediaties (often acids) which are not being effectively  eliminated via the urine or stool.  The problem of Eczema occurs when the toxins constantly come out via the skin, they cause further irritation (to an already raw irritated skin, which leads to inflamed, dry itching skin etc (a bit like a wound that is constantly being prodded).

Other trigger factors include:  Stress. All eczema suffers will tell you their condition is worse for  stress, which makes the skin more sensitive to irritation because it causes the over production of inflammatory chemicals such as histamines and leukatrines.

It is therefore important to look at the causes of the stress (sometimes not so obvious!) and help empower the person through  e.g. certain types of Kinesiology exercises and indeed nutritional supplements.  Homoeopathic remedies are of course often extremely powerful in e.g. helping dissolve the negative feelings we harbour (creating stress +++ and indeed often poor sleep) which may be getting in the way of enabling us to be our most positive best.


The natural solution: 

NB The following are some examples of things you can do to reduce the frequency and  severity of eczema.   However it would be wise to see a good natural medicine practitioner to be sure a full holistic approach is used and therefore to ensure the fastest and most sustainable results.

(1)  Reduce contact with harsh ( inc. household) chemicals.  NB However do remember latex gloves can be irritating themselves to some people.


(2)  Reduce consumption of junk ‘foods’, which contain additives, which can accumulate and effectively become toxic and irritating triggers to a delicate skin.


(3)  Reduce consumption of foods which form excess inflammatory chemicals in our bodies (such as histamines and leukatrines), such foods include meat, dairy, shellfish and wheat.   However it is important to realise that many foods which we do not digest properly produce irritating intermediate metabolites which can produce allergic or intolerance reactions including Eczema. 


It is therefore important to get tested e.g. by a Kinesiologist who will use muscle testing to see how our body responds to foods we eat and household products we are in contact with regularly and check to see if there are any other factors causing irritation to the skin.

(4)  Increase consumption of foods which form natural Anti-inflammatory chemicals in our bodies i.e. most fruits, vegetables and oily fish such as mackerel, herring, sardines, wild salmon etc. 


NB All the above are not only natural anti-inflamatories, but also contain potent anti-oxidants. Whilst dietary changes are crucial, these are generally nowadays not sufficient.   Hence supplements are also needed in addition for chronic diseases such as eczema. These all help neutralise irritating and damaging ‘Free radicals’ and help heal raw irritated tissue, making the skin less susceptible to further assault.


(5)  Lastly help to deal with stress by ensuring one gets enough sleep, and anti stress / sleep support nutrients or get a supplement form of these.   Treatments such as Reflexology are also excellent for relieving stress.


Whilst the above is good general advice and may be enough in many cases severe chronic cases would best be treated e.g. via a Kinesiologist, Homoeopath or Naturopath.


Finally it is important not to self diagnose and as red, itchy, weeping skin can occasionally be a sign of something more sinister so always see your GP and preferably dermatologist if nothing else for peace of mind.

If your eczema is no longer responding to western medical treatments, then why  not call Sean.  Sean Kulyk is a lecturer in Complementary Medicine who trained hundreds of practitioners over the last 13 years and has been a practitioner for over 20 years, having helped thousands of patients, including many with Eczema.  He is a registered Kinesiologist and Spinal Touch practitioner as well as being a Homoeopath.  Sean is available to see patients (by appointment only) at :

Applejacks Health, 28 The Mall, Stratford Shopping Centre, London E15 1DX

Email : [email protected]   Tel. 07949 191508


The Lessness Natural Health Clinic, Lessness Avenue, Bexleyheath.    Email : [email protected]   or  Tel. 07949 191508.

Health : Being happy in your own 'skin'

Copyright (c) Sean Kulyk  13 October 2011